Distribute, SuperWeld script

I have to you today a script that allows you to edit the mesh in the UV / Image Editor. The operation is similar to a script written for Blender 2.4x.

Once installed in the UV press “W” and there are new options.
Distribute Line is used to deploy vertex at equal distances from each other, in a line between the first and the last vertex.

Distribute Flat arranged in a similar manner but the line is parallel to the X/Y-axis.

SuperWeld is among the selected ones that are appropriate given our distance and merges them.


Nice usefull addon thanks @jade.phenix

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

thanks for the scripts.is it possible to distribute all vertices in a grid.there was a script for blender2.4x did that

I did same small update because there was a problem with SuperWeld. Now it should work good.

@rusted I will try do something like this, but for now you can use “unwrap/fallow active quads”

useful script. thank you.
it would be awesome if you can flatten more than one edge row at the same time… very useful with a complex mesh

yep, dreaming of some workflow like this: straighten/distribute the uv boundaries first and pin them, then the addon could straighten all edges inside at once…

Additionally i wonder if it is possible to distribute verts in equal spaces in a circle.
like: selection to sphere ->distribute with same spaces-

thx for this useful addon!