Distributed rendering: which to choose?

There are quite a few distributed renderers that work with Blender, but it’s hard to know which ones are suitable for still images and which are suitable for animations.
I just tried out Distriblend, but it seems like it’s only for animations.

Since I make a lot of still images, can anyone recommend a distributed renderer for me?
It sure would be nice to see one built into the 2.5 release.

Lux can do distributed rendering over a network with multiple computers all contributing to a single scene. With direct lighting mode or “Bottomed out” Metropolis, you can get animation out of it as well.

Try Farmer Joe It works for multiple platforms and does bucket rendering on single frames, which would let you distribute the work over multiple systems. I’ve used it on animations and it was pretty easy to setup and use. I haven’t used it for bucket rendering, so good luck.

try lokirender, i ve tried it and i have my blender render working just fine with 72 cpus…

try the live cd of Animux :yes: this has some options …