district 9

this movie looks so sick. i cant wait to see it. the effects look real good. what do you guys think?

All I’ve seen are posters… but Peter Jackson = good.

Yeah, it’s amazing… this is considered a “low budget” movie. Admittedly, in the first trailer the alien only looked so-so, but in the latest trailer almost everything looks awesome. Hopefully they’ll redo some of the alien shots.

I really like the gritty realistic look they’ve got going. Kind of like a documentary.

This movie looks awesome. I haven’t stopped watching the trailers since a friend told me about it. The sound in the second trailer is really well done, particularly, though everything about the movie looks pretty cool.

So far it’s looking great. Looks to be lots of amazing special effects and animation :slight_smile:

Has anyone else watched the short film that it’s based on? It’s very similar to the District 9 trailers and is also very good. (link)

I heard that its low budget too, but it looks totally awesome.
I can’t wait untill it comes out, im crossing my fingers and hoping it is better than transformers 2

That’s not setting the bar very high, is it?

I’m looking forward to this one, as is my son. He likes the way the mech catches the missile in the trailer.

Sometimes a low bar can be quite tricky. You might catch your foot on it as you step over.

I hope the movie is good. Peter Jackson is brilliant, so I trust that it will be worthwhile. I thought it looked really cool in the first trailer, and I like the story revealed in the second one. I guess it is a good thing that he didn’t get to do the Halo movie. From what I’ve heard, he and his team came up with this idea the day after their Halo project was canned.

i had heard of the short film but never seen it. i was surprised that it was that good.

It was Neill Blomkamp who came up with the idea (and directed the movie), not Peter Jackson.

I saw the trailer on Apple during my monthly “Movies to Watch” search. The story looks like a breath of fresh air. I would also like to see “Hurt Locker”.


I really want to see district 9. Looks so sick

Ah great, when will they stop using the cliché humanoid aliens with antennae? It messes up a good movie, especially one intended to look like a real future.

Well, I just got back from seeing “District 9”. I was very impressed. It’s not a special-effects-driven space opera, just a story about a guy going thru some bad stuff. Several guys. The story is the point, and that’s a nice change from many sci-fi movies. There are things that you can get hung up on, like the “humanoid aliens with antennae”, but it’s only a problem if you let it be one. I also thing the performance by the lead actor was spot-on for his role.

Highly recommended.

I was trying to figure out how the movie works from the trailers. The impression I was getting was that it starts out like a pseudo-documentary but after a while it turns into an action movie? Please tell me that’s wrong.

Judging from the trailers it looked like either a good movie or a movie that could have been good but they ruined it.

I keep hoping someone will make more SF movies that aren’t “sci-fi” if you know what I mean. More story, more ideas, fewer explosions. Is this it?

This will definitely be better then Transformers. Those Transformers movies were made to appeal to drama queens and attentions seekers (general public). This movie is for real scifi fans. The fans of movies like Star Trek and so on.

While I don’t think this is necessarily a groundbreaking film, I think it’s much better than most of the crap that’s passed out as sci-fi these days.

It does start out (and end, for that matter) in the pseudo-documentary style, and keeps it up for a good while. Longer than I expected at the beginning. They phase out of it (and I really didn’t notice the transition) when we begin to follow Wikus van der Merwe (the lead human character, an employee of MNU who’s assigned the task of evicting the “prawns” from the ghetto they’ve inhabited for the past 20 years) thru some of his misadventures. It wouldn’t have been plausible in the middle of the movie anyway. As to whether this turns into an action movie, there are elements of that in the back half, but I don’t think that the action is the primary driver. I would consider this much more of a story-driven film, basically it’s about how Wikus reacts to what’s happened to him and how it changes him. I don’t want to give away the story, so no further details. That said, I found the action part of the back half believable as a response to some of the sh*t that happens to Wikus.

Much much better than either of this year’s Transformers or Terminator movies, not that that is much of a compliment.

I am so loving this movie and the positive effect it is having on southern african cinema. Just to correct some earlier posts Peter Jackson is one of the producers of the movie but the director is South African born Neil Blomkamp and the movie is based of an ealier shot he did “Alive in Joburg”

best movie I have seen in a long time.

A couple of classmates from design school did the props for it at Weta workshops. Awesome stuff.

If you can handle people exploding its all good.

The impression I was getting was that it starts out like a pseudo-documentary but after a while it turns into an action movie?

I went in expecting a low budget documentary sort of thing, but only the beginning 1/3 was in a documentary format, and intertwined with the regular dramatic shots. Most of the film is actually in a dramatic format, and it certainly didn’t look low budget to me.

It’s very much an action movie though, if you’re looking for something deep you’ll have to find it in the set pieces, the overall ambience/situation and the initial buildup.

That said, it’s a very good movie and I highly recommend it.