Distrubing article

On a side note, if you have some time, take a look at this disturbing article about the “future” of people like us who wish to pursue our dreams.


It pretty much is saying we should give up our “hopeless dreams” and get a much more “realistic” job, like becoming a mechanic, or a manager at a convenience store… Oh sure, they encourage people owning their own businesses… as long as you don’t try and come up with an innovative product… Rather, why not try soemthing different and COPY another successful business… I was so increasingly upset by this article… not only that, but it was suggesting that rather than us encouraging our kids to also try and follow their passion for a career, that we should encourage them to get more “realistic” jobs… I’m thinking what the hell??? so this guy is saying that all of us who are going into the art field, (whether it’s acting, painting, animation, or anything that involves creative thinking) should “get real” and settle for a business type job. Not only that, but, leave your creative thinking cap at home, don’t come up with any new ideas for products. Leave it at home and only as a hobby… Well Mr. Author of this sad sad article… I say FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on! Just because he’s too much of a wuss to even try and get a job that involves art simply because “It’s too crowded! too many people want the same job and I’m afraid” Well Tough [email protected]#^[email protected]! That’s the whole point of going to college and studying to get into the animation field. To become the best in your craft so that some day we CAN become animators, actors, painters etc. Not only that, but heck, I already have plans of someday making my own animation company! My Fiance wants to get her own thater company, which will most likely be worse, because there’ll be even MORE COMPETITION. So to all of you in here, I ENCOURAGE YOU to keep doing what you love to do, I encourage you to keep BLENDERING, so we can show jack asses like the author of this article that WE CAN get our dream job! That creativity should not be left at work, but following you EVERYWHERE!

my advice…stop reading msn articles =)

My advice. Get a real job and stop complaining.

Of course a real job would be anything that you could earn a living from.

What do people love to do after a hard day’s work at a “real job?”

“Why don’t we go out and watch a movie?”

Guess where movies come from.

Or they sit at home with the kids and watch Spongebob Squarepants. (ick…) Well, guess where that comes from.


Somebody’s sig (forgot who) on this form reads something like “If you can’t learn to do it well then lean to love doing it badly.” I think that’s better than the advice you got in that MSN article. I don’t see any facts, figures, poll results, or anything in the way of evidence in the article. It’s just this radio talk show host’s opinion. Would you take advice from Jerry Springer?

You know where he says that people in “dream jobs” are no happier than people in less sexy jobs? This statement strikes me as odd. Even if we admit that it’s true, if you follow it out logically it also means that you’ll be just as happy no matter what you do.

That says it all, right there :P.

Life is much more glorious and wonderful and horrible and random and ordered than an article like that would like you to think. Like the saying goes “You have plans for life, but life has plans for you”–you do what you can and learn to be happy with that.

No msn self help guy with a radio show has the final say on this kind of thing. Neither does the government, a religion, your next door neighbor, or the local self-help guru.

You are living life right now, while you’re reading this post. That is what it is, whether you want to judge it (and by extension influence it) or pretend that you do not.

Acceptance or denial… in some ways it boils down to that.



:< im thinking springer DID write it… or someone with no pride in thier life like howard stern… or artists that have lost the faith in their work like loup garou…

Any ways… find real jobs… dont do what you enjoy?? hmmm… all the great einventors did what they loved… and led rather interesting lives… most werent millionares till they were retired… or dead… but that dont make thier impact on todays socioity any less impressive… vangoh for example.

as for ANYONE thats anti animation… all i have to say to them is 3 things…
Peter Jackson.
WETA Digital.
Lord of the Rings.

nobody people… started a nobody company because they LOVED thier work… and got the biggest gold star on thier resume imagionable.

That was z3r0 d :slight_smile:

i think if u pursue your dreams u would be rich, im 13 by time im 20 odd i will be good enough to join a companie wouldnt i, also depending on what your dream is what money you will get but i dont want the money(ill have it tho :P) its something i love doing, i bet half you feel the same .

Yeah, don’t pursue your dreams and do something safe and secure! Why don’t you pick a career like… an accountant!

In my city 1,500 accountants were laid off last month by a credit card company. That is 1,500 people that thought they had secure jobs.

There are no guarantees no matter what you choose in life. Social conditions and the economy change, so what is in demand now will not be in a decade.

Why not choose what you love… and even if you “suffer” from lack of financial success and security, at least you will gain something from the pleasure of doing what you enjoy?

A month later, 1,100 of those 1,500 accountants are still looking for jobs. Maybe they will be “retrained” to learn a new skill, like working at McDonalds.

I’m sorry. That post was incredibly painful. I know you’re only 13, but if you’re planning on being successful by the time you turn 20, I’d recommend learning (or caring about what you’ve already learned) about effective communication.

Yeah, it might’ve been a dickhead thing to say, but I am honestly meaning it with good intent. I’ve seen enough people fail.

Of course, I could have just been sucked into a troll, but I’m being optimisitic (more or less) and assuming that I haven’t been.

To be honest, I’d rather spend 60 hours a week working on an animation than 40 hours crunching numbers as an accountant. Can you believe the nerve of this guy? He himself probably chased his dream of becoming a radio talk host (semi-cool job). And now that he has the power of influence over others through the radio, he chooses to tell others to not follow their dreams? Either he’s lost his passion for radio, he has an a$$hole boss, or he’s afraid of young hot shots coming to take his career. That guys a loser.

do what you want to do with YOUR life,cause you could be the richest person in the world and picture this you’re on your death bed thinking
“man i should’ve done what i loved instead of what people told me was best for me but now is too late cause i’m about to die”. 8)

Or get a job at M$. Oh, you say their laying everyone off at M$ and out sourceing overseas. Sorry, here’s your pink slip.

The plans of a man are his own, but his steps are not his to decide.

I think there’s some good advice in the article. Art is a really tough thing to go into and it’s probably better to have something to earn a living at in case it doesn’t turn out. Thankfully, there are programs like blender that don’t require money to get going on. What he didn’t mention was the importance of saving so you can get out of the system and follow your passion full time. Sure, you might hit it big, but even if you don’t, you can pursue what you love. So you take a couple years to learn some trade that might be mundane, big deal. Most of the great artists had to do something mundane in life. I don’t think he was telling people not to pursue their passion. He was telling them that their passion might not pay the rent. That’s reality.

Fireside: Agreed to a degree. But the thing that ruffled my feathers is the notion that there is security in selling your soul to some big corporation. My take on it is that big companies can be just as insecure as following your passion. Nevertheless, as you say, there is reality.

(Now the ox sees the conversation slipping quickly into philosophy, religion and politics, so he sits back and watches) :o :smiley:

I had to add my $0.02 to this thread. I’m currently going to school to earn a degree in multimedia. This includes 3D modeling, and animation along with a huge range of other related skills. When I first started school I made the mistake of thinking I should go for something more solid that I can get a job doing while I persue my goals. So I started out in Computer Networking. I ended up changing my major to Multimedia by my 3rd quarter, when I found out what the networking job market was like. Many of the networking students have started calling it “notworking”. After I switched to multimedia I was dumbfounded at the number of industries that hire people with multimedia skills. So I thought I’d share a few with all of you;

Web design
Movie Studios
Game design (not just video games )
Lawers!!!(Fat pay with little skill required)
In fact any business that needs a website, catalog, sign, advertisement, logo, training manual/video, the list goes on and on. So if this is what you want to do, then do it. You may have to learn some commercial software like photoshop, and, like any other industry, you’ll probably start in a less than ideal job, but the job market is a lot wider than people realize.

But the thing that ruffled my feathers is the notion that there is security in selling your soul to some big corporation.

I don’t think working for someone is selling out, but I agree about security. It doesn’t exist. Whatever everyone thinks is safe will probably become overcrowded.

I hope you didn’t get the impression that I implied that working for someone is a sell out. I don’t believe that at all. But on the other hand being successfully self employed can be a very good thing. Working for someone often includes the reality of being a “sell out”.
The logistics of overcrowding was not my main issue with job security. Fact is that the world is a cold cruel place and shifting power bases cause corporate upheaval. The higher up the rung and the lower down the rung you are, the more likely you are to be axed. The system is geared to eat up your youth in exchange for a maybe future. And we all know that guessing the future is simply that - guessing. No matter how much money or power is at your finger tips - the end could be one terrorist highjacked jet away.
My advise is to do what you can do with all your heart. Excellence is eventually hard won but then it is often acknowledged and well rewarded … most of the time. :wink:
More than that - seek the truth. Then you will have true security and wisdom to boot.

If Marty Nemko wrote that (I suspect he did, or one of his lackeys did anyway), then I say Marty Nemko is an IDIOT.