I’m not that much better then a noob at Blender so I’m not sure if I’m understanding how dither works; at least not the way I think it should. I’ve been looking on this site and others for days trying to find an answer to my problem… which is this:

I’ve created my scene and am in a happy place with it. I render a .png animation and find I have huge banding issues in a particular “low light” area (I say “low light” because there are actually no lights in the scene at all. Everything is “lit” by colour. Yes there is a reason for it.). So I render a single frame, and in the preview, adjust the dithering accordingly (+1.3 does well enough). I then save the image, jump out of blender (2.75a), and view the saved file. The image looks like crap because dithering has not been applied. What am I doing wrong? Changing the sample size or file type also has little to no effect. Could someone please clarify for me?

Thanks! :smiley:

So I finally solved my problem. The quick and dirty answer is, dither will only be applied to a saved file through the sequencer. All the places I’ve looked tell me where to find dither and how it works but nothing else. I understand that the check boxes exist for comositor and sequencer, but nowhere (that I can find at least) does it say I have to use the sequencer if I want to save a file with dither applied.