DIY Conan

This project was for a competition for the show Conan that took place around this time last year. My clip made it into the show but unfortunately the official compilation is no longer available on the teamcoco website or their youtube channel. I found out about this competition about a week and a half before its deadline so it had a lot of things that needed polishing like the sprite animations, correcting the depth of field and adding things like arm movements and blinking, but it was overall a great learning experience.

The characters are made up of planes in front of each other for eyes, eyebrows, mouth and body. Characters were either animated by moving the individual planes or keyframing the sprite sheet using the node group linked below. The white/blue mug was painted in blender and other software includes OpenToonz for character sprites and material maker for wood textures.


Great work done here :smiley: !

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