.DLLs for Tuhopuu LSCM?

I want to check out the LSCM unwrapping tools in Tuhopuu but I don’t know where to get the necesary dlls to run it. Does anyone know where I can find them? I found SDL.DLL but I still need the rest.


from your blender directory

you also need python22.dll and maybe gettext.dll

python22.dll doesn’t come with the current version of blender [it uses python 2.3], so see if you can find another version of blender to get it from
[I think 2.28 was the first to use python 2.2, but it may have been 2.26]

blenders 2.26 through 2.32 all use Python 2.2

Ok thanks guys! Got it working now.
I was putting it in the directory for 2.26 which doesn’t have the gettext stuff.

I put it in the directory for 2.32 which has all the right .dlls
and installed Python 2.2.3.