DMC Delorean 1985

Which material? Have you tried the ones in my Car material library?


The body material. I think that maybe it has a texture
Which one from your library?

Take the yellow car paint & change the colour to silver. Then load up your colour texture map and reduce the Col slider to suit, so it blends with the paint material.

Do a Google for free HDRI images & load one into the world texture slot. This will help with nice reflections in your paint.


Dude, this is the PERFECT opportunity to use blender’s new anisotropic shading capabilities. See

i put the same material used in the file in my delorean, and i get something weird, striped. Is there some instructions, because i have no idea what is the ansiotropic shading:D?

Check on for anistropy break down with Blender.

i´m moving on…
all the parts have the same material, why, its rendered with different lighting or something like that??

It’s possible some of the face normals are pointing in different directions.

In edit mode for the car mesh, turn on the Normals display button in the edit buttons. The blue lines represent the face normal direction and these all need to point outwards from the mesh.

CTRL+N with all verts selected will recalculate all face normals to point outwards. Use L to select single sections of the mesh if only that part needs recalculating.

Hope this helps,


I´m finishing de last details, and making the time travel scene. Here is a cap and a build video.

Aren’t you gonna work on the matrial of the car, and perhaps the inside? This car needs a lot more before it is finished.

Also, the mesh seems a bit wobbly. The layout could be cleaned up. You should also make sure you can’t look through the car. The seems between the panels are not neatly sealed.

But, I guess you don’t want to hear these things now, as you’re already busy with the animation :slight_smile:

I aprecciate your critics. :slight_smile:
1)What do you mean wobbly? And layout?
2)I think that the base material is alright, have you got any sugesstion¿?
3)You are right, i have to fix the “holes” in the doors and in the back bumper
4)Yeah, i´m resting from modeling, now i am practicing animation.:smiley:

Sorry for the delay… Vbulletin and reply notification mails… Doesn’t work together.

1)What do you mean wobbly? And layout?

Take a look at the bonnit for example. There is a wobble, a bump line, from side to side running on it. In the movies you posted, such wobbles are also visible in other spots, near the headlights for example.

The layout is the edge topology, how the vertices and edges are layed out. This is important. Especially when dealing with subdiv meshes, which you should be using for cars.

2)I think that the base material is alright, have you got any sugesstion¿?

I can only suggest you have a look at real cars. The delorean in this case is a bit different than most cars, since it’s not as reflective, but also not as dull/plastic looking as your model.

Material is much more than a color. Exerperiment with simple subtle stucci normap textures, reflectivity (create an environment to see reflection. A skymap, available on the forums, should do at first), etc.

Take a look at this:

Observe the blueish reflection above the rear wheel and the yellowish reflection behind the front wheel.

You’re assigning materials based on “logic” reasoning. The body is grey, so it’s gonna be grey, the headlights are red, so they’re gonna be red, the bumper is black, so it’s gonna be black. But in reality, the color of a surface is a combination of all sorts of reflections, (sub) surface scattering, imperfections, lighting, etc. Try to include this. It’s not easy, but that’s what texturing/materialing is all about.

Thanks for your comments. I´m going to experiment with the materials, to achieve this one.
The last screenshot geometry is more cleaned than in the first screen shots, the first screenshots are very bad.

Very nice looking. I started making one today but I only made the sloped things at the back.