DNS Problem may occur

Hey everyone,

After alot of trouble I have finally been able to update and transfer my domain name www.elYsiun.com (duh) to a new registar. This transfer however means that the domain records and also the DNS records will have be updated. For a period of up to 48 hours there is a chance that some users won’t be able to connect to www.elYsiun.com. If this fails please make use of the IP adress of my server:

Thanks and Greetings,
Timothy Kanters

Still no problems here… :wink:

everything is good hear too now (USA) where is your server located ?

server is located in the US,

The thing is 24 hours ago the domain info got updated, with the empty dns records. I changed the dns records now,… but they won’t immediately be active (gets updated once a day). So anyone that uses a dns server which updated the records within the last 24 hours, or within the next 12 to 24 hours stands will probably not be able to find elYsiun.com.

solid as a rock here. Fast too.