Do any Milkshape import/export scripts exist?

Yesterday I wrote PLY import/export scripts, only to find my effort was in vain. I did look around to see if they existed, but couldn’t find any. I also need Milkshape ASCII import/export scripts, and actually have almost finished the importer. Am I wasting my time again? Is there a comprehensive list of existing scripts?

just curious, what do you want the milkshape ascii export for?

For a game of course :slight_smile:

somehow I feared such a brief answer… :smiley: :wink:

I meant…well…Milkshape does not support bone weights…I don’t know if the format does, but probably not. I’m refering to the weights of the vertices corresponding to bones. Milkshape can only have a weight of 1.0 . That is, asigned, or not aigned. But not multiple bones per vertex. Not for example, a 0.4 weight of a shoulder vertex in relation arm bone , and 0.6 to clavicle bone…

to put an example.

so, in Milkshape, imho, the human rigging is much less accurate…
You can tweak with many extra bones, but imho is never as good as real weights. (though you must master it too)

If it’s for spaceships, or jointed robots, then ok, is enough…

Ben is finishing an excellent x export plugin, ideal for many game engines out there…

That’s why i was curious :slight_smile:

Hahaha… wow… these past two threads I made are making me feel like an idiot. In a good way of course. But I really have to improve my skills at doing research.

Thanks a lot for the information :slight_smile:

Anyway, I posted what I have at: