Do I benefit from combining all objects into one before render?

I have a big scene with over 14 million vertices and over 200 objects. I’m done modeling and texturing - the question now is - Will my scene render faster if I combine all meshes into one? Will that slow my computer while I orbit around my object in the viewport?

Quick question- why would you combine all meshes into one? By doing so, you’ll lose all modifiers (such as subdivision), all origins (making it very difficult to transform or tweak anything), and all materials will have to be re-assigned (which will take a long time, with 200 objects.)

First - My model is done 100% I will not make any changes to the mesh. I want to combine them to speed up the render or speed up things in the viewport.
Second - When you join 2 objects with 2 different materials each, the materials of the combined object will be 4 (Nothing changes in the viewport/render). I just don’t know the maximum amount of material slots per object (This won’t be a problem because many of the objects share the same material).