Do I have to read all the reference manual before watching tutorials?

Hey guys! I was browsing Reddit and found a pretty cool looking scene, so I asked the poster how did he learn to do it. He told me he first read the manual before moving on to tutorials. I understand that reading the manual is a pretty important task, but this is the user manual? Because it looks very packed with information and I think it would take me a week to read through it. Also, it would burn me out before I actually read it all. Could you please suggest what I should read? I am mainly interested in creating natural scenes and modelling. Also, creating humans and creatures. What parts of the reference manual should I look for? I also found it on the wiki here. Or is it shorter than it looks? How much would it take on average to read it all? (disregarding the fact that some people read faster than others) I would have problems if it’s too much because next week our vacation is over, so I need to return to high school, and I’ll have 2-3 hours of freetime a day. Thanks!

Read the manual for Getting Started, Editors, Data System, Modelling and Modifiers. Supplement by watching video tutorials on youtube or more structured like:

Blender Basics
Mesh Modelling

Once you understand the modelling tools you are able to make anything you want