Do I need Blender?

Hello everyone,
hope I found right forum section to ask this odd question.
Some time ago I got 3d printer. I’ve learned SketchUp basics, draw and printed few models and realized I need something less “engineering” and more “artistic”. Example, if my daughter asks me to print “cat ears head band” - it’s something difficult to technically draw. So, I’ve watched few videos about Blender and decided it can be useful.
What do you thing, is it worth time to learn? Honestly, from first look Blender interface overloaded with features. May be it’s better to find other (simpler) free software to create non-technical 3d models for printing?
I like Blender physics simulations - look like I can get realistic shape of objects after interaction. For example, I hope I can easily get exact “curb link chain” shape - just model a soft simple chain, rotate one end and squash it up. Is it possible?

Personally, I would say that taking the time to learn Blender will pay off if you are trying to make artistic models as opposed to technical. And as you said, Blender does indeed have a complex interface compared to other programs like Sketch Up. But once you spend some time with it and learn all the shortcuts and various modeling features that Blender has to offer, modeling something like a head band will very simple. Plus, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help teach you the basics of Blender. In particular, I would strongly recommend you check out Blender Guru’s “Blender beginner series” on Youtube.

However, should you decide that Blender’s interface is just too complex, you can always check out Daz 3d Hexagon. It doesn’t have near as much features as Blender, but its interface seems to be a bit more simple than Blender’s.

Blender will always be worth it since it’s GPL, open source software… :wink:

For complexity simplified take a look at & try MeshMixer.

I would say if you’ve any interest in 3D it’s definitely worth learning. It’s extremely capable and given it’s free, there’s really no reason not to give it a go. :slight_smile:

Interesting info! I’m new to the forum and Blender, and I should say, your posts sound persuasively. Thanks!