Do not wake him up

Back to making artworks after a long long time. Hope everyone is doing well :smiley:

Made in Blender 2.83 (alpha) and a bit of Krita.

Final Render:

Wires + EEVEE

Animation Loop

My Personal ArtStation.

Download the .blend file CC0 on my Gumroad.

I used to run Boundless Blending long back. Now recently I rebranded it to Blue Inversion. If you been following since back then thanks in advance. I love how the Blender community has grown since the 2.8 update.

I will try to keep up with making more artworks (aiming for every weekday). EEVEE is a great tool to quickly iterate over ideas. And the kind of work I do it is not very heavy on the engine either. Loving the new blender so much.


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