Do overlapping armature actions work?

To quote the NAN Armature Docs,

It is now possible to have two non-conflicting action actuators play simultaneously for the same object. For example, one action could specify the basic movements of the body, while a second action could be used to drive facial animation. To make this work correctly, you should ensure that the two actions do not have any action channels in common.

Is this one of those features that just doesn’t work? :wink: I’ve put together an example .blend file which should work, but doesn’t. I’ve tried changing the actions’ priorities as well.

Please have a look and tell me if I’m doing anything wrong :slight_smile: Thanks

If I set the blendin for both actions to zero, it works. Must be stopping it.

Ok I’ll make my Teddy Robber character available tonight. It has a Idle animation and walk animation which shows overlapping armature actions. :smiley:

I see… It’s one of those features that just has a few bugs :slight_smile: I guess my problem is I need both action blending and overlapping actions. I think I might just split the character at the waist into 2 seperate armatures and meshes. That way I can run 2 animations with blending, though I’ll have a nasty seam to deal with.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I’ve posted the Teddy which shows how it overwrites the actions.

  • Idle action
  • walk action
  • press w to walk and the walk action overwrites the idle action

Have fun
use of meshes, textures aren’t allowed, unless you’ve permission.
Create your own, I did too.