Do some youtubers really deserve compensation?

I think there’s a certain threshold of effort and worth that you have to pass to actually deserve to get paid…
Some of the famous youtubers, I feel, really really don’t deserve compensation

I’m not talking about movie/game reviewers like AngryJoe/Nostalgia critic, news reporters like ReviewTechUSA,Genuinely funny people like GradeAunderA or Idubbbz, educational content like Cynicatpro and BlenderGuru(And myself:wink: )

You know people who are entertaining and contribute to the website positively

I’m talking about channels like Leafyishere

Channels that produce content that takes zero effort to make and frankly extremely unfunny
And if you haven’t noticed, it’s the sameshit everyday

If you are making videos that are so easy to make that you make them daily, it probably isn’t going to be good, just saying.

But I can’t really blame them,
those millions of subs aren’t really grown men who find his channel funny,
their impressionable 12 year old kids who don’t know what a satire is.

At least that’s what I tell myself to sort of help me understand how shit like “KILL URSELF” becomes “funny” somehow.

My problem is that well by him and other people like say… Dramaalert existing and being this popular,

He’s inspiring other youtubers to follow suit.

I know this ended up just being a rant about leafy is here… sorry about that.

What do you guys think?

Technically, people have the right to spend their money on whatever they want (no matter how stupid it might seem), but the sheer immaturity and coarseness of many areas of Youtube is an unfortunate side-effect of the “anything goes” model that some communities adhere to (so there’s no attempt whatsoever of having a professional atmosphere). Another thing is that the reason these types of videos flourish is because there really is a market for them, take away the demand and many of them will simply disappear.

Another part is that a lot of kids simply do not know how to act online, and that is partly due to the parents not teaching them that and keeping them offline until they do, or even worse the parents themselves act like that and the kid sees it. I would say this, if your child starts spewing profane comments in every other sentence, disconnect his computer or mobile device from the internet until his behavior becomes more mature. I would also say that kids should not be online to begin with until they are showing mature behavior at home, outside the home, and around other people.

I totally agree!! His videos (and others) are so annoying, boring, unfunny, repetitive and in addition to that his videos take up my youtube homepage because I watched one of them (a clickbait, before I knew the channel). Getting paid isn’t a solvable problem unfortunately since you can’t really discriminate him (can’t stop 12 yrs olds to have a youtube account) although I’m sure if he didn’t get any money from youtube he would stop posting videos right away unlike other channels which don’t do it for the money such as blenderguru (at least I don’t think) .

Andrew Price doesn’t monetize videos in Blender Guru

Doesn’t surprise me, these people actually do it because they want to make the world a better place (through education or even entertainment) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make money with youtube, but that shouldn’t be your goal like it seams to be for some youtubers.

But the law does not ask whether you “deserve” to be paid: it simply declares that you do.

There are plenty of clever people who produce "absolutely stupid sht," hoping that you will complain to all of your friends (heh …) about just how stupid their sht is.

Advertisers hang advertisements on those things, and, believe me, “they don’t give a damn” how ‘stupid’ it may be! All(!) that matters to them is: “that you watch them,” even for a few (marketable(!) …) seconds.

The law says that the producers of “that sht" are fully entitled to receive payments from those advertisers. (Advertisers who earnestly … but, “merely” … hope that ‘these people’ will produce: "more (popular!) sht.”)

As one advertising-person I know of observed: “the purpose of advertising is not to attract sophisticated people. It is to attract flies. Flies with money.”

P.S. Thank you for doing your part to attract a few more ‘eyeballs’ to … “maybe sh*tty, maybe not” … a few more sites that carry advertisements.

I watched one leafy video and got halfway because I really don’t get it. He has great click bait names on his videos and you really want to see what it is about.

But there are plenty of people in the world that get payed but doing just about nothing.

For me, if I put anything up on youtube, it’s because I want to share and help, if you want to be paid, I think you have to put a certain level of effort in. The only thing I would ever do is say if someone found a video ver yuseful, to simply consider donating to my favourite charity, but it would always be up to the user. Not everyone has the resources to be paying out, I’ve been there more than once.

will some people,s just want the attention ,other,s just want to help , and some people want to revel something,s that cant,t be revel,d on tv so i dont know , some people actually get pay,d by youtube , if you know a game call,d league of legends ,a player calling himself boxbox on youtube he is getting pay,d by giving people some advice on the game so i dont know is it fare or not

You talk like ‘deserving compensation’ is some arbitrary thing, when in reality it is not.
If you have X amount of viewers, you get X amount of money. It is as simple as that, I think.