Do the Elephant's Dream production files still exist?

I went looking for the Blender production files for Elephant’s Dream, and I guess the website is down. It would be really interesting to open those files up in an old blender, or perhaps port them to Blender 2.8 to be rendered with Evee or Cycles in (say)… 60fps, 4K 10-bit HDR or something… I bet it would look amazing, and given that there were lots of wires, the added resolution would do wonders for the nasty jagged edges on the wires.

Anyway, would be interesting! :slight_smile:

Elephants Dream 60fps 4K 10-bit HDR Remaster (2019)… think about it. :wink: I don’t know if I have the actual compute power to do it, but I would still love to render out a few 4K images (or scenes) in x265 or AV1 video format just for the fun of it.

It still exist on the Blender cloud :

A big warning though as mentioned there : " All the files used to (re)create the movie. Keep in mind these were made back in 2006, so go get Blender 2.42 for the files to open correctly."

Awesome! I may snatch up a subscription to that just to test this out. How hard would it be to port the files to Blender 2.8?

Quite a lot : You have the materials to convert (principled BSDF would help a bit I guess), hair to redo (It don’t work) and a lot of trickery to just import the model properly.

If you wanna subscribe to the cloud just in order to get the models for a random output, you better ask someone who subscribed to share a single model for testing purpose.

I think they do already have Emo and Proog converted to Cycles on the Blender Cloud.

Probably a massive undertaking to be sure. Would it be better to just render out a 4k image in Blender 2.42?

Probably. I imagine a lot of the rigging and animation won’t work correctly in newer versions.

if anyone is planning to rework a remake, don’t hesitate to show us some rendering

who knows how it would come with eevee

I think Elephant’s Dream is an Open Movie that begs to be re-rendered in Cycles, the metallic world would really shine with real reflections/GI as opposed to old-school specular highlights and light rigs. Proog and Emo also show their age as they don’t even have proper SSS shading.

The same with Sintel, it is the last Open Movie Project I think from before the age of realistic rendering and PBR (not to mention the hacky GI it used never made it into Blender). Big Buck Bunny meanwhile would be more suitable for the Eevee engine due to it being a cartoon.

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Slightly off-topic, but I quite enjoyed Elephant’s Dream’s visual style, and really hope that one of the artists responsible for Elephant’s Dream (Director, in fact) Basam Kurdali does get his Wires for Empathy project finished, because it’s one of the most interesting looking Blender movies I’ve seen, judging by the trailer and info he’s released on the project’s blog. Visually, it has some stuff in common with Elephant’s Dream, but is much more modern looking and has some interesting visual effects.

More info here if you wanted to check it out:

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That looks great!