Do the Metrics Matter?

Hey there, I am creating a very large ship, from blue prints. The total length is over 600 meters.

Is there a difference between setting Blender’s units to one meter then building the ship over 600 units, and/or building it at any old default size and just zooming in or scaling up? Although, I noticed you can not zoom-in indefinitely.

My end result will have the ship seen in its entirety but I will also have close up shots, so close as if a person were standing right beside one of the bulkheads.

its best practice to model in 1:1 scale. unless you are hitting extremes, over 100km or less then 1cm.

make sure cursor depth and zoom to cursor is on in the user preferences.

Thank you. I don’t expect to go over 700 meters.

I would advise to model only in real scale. There are no advantages in not doing so. You can always measure things or find measurements online and know exactly what size they are and the models are always correct size compared to each other, you will avoid issues if you ever need to run any physical simulations and scale is also important in rendering in some cases. It is a really bad idea to model in random scale and would just make your life harder in one way or another at some point. Now how you set up the scene, is less important, however with setting it to Metric or Imperial units you will get some really nice functionality, like for example if you work in meters and you only find some measurements you need in inches, you don’t need to worry about it, just enter it and add “in” or " ‘’ " and it will be converted automatically. Same is with mm, cm, dm, m, km - they all work, so these simple conversions do not distract your mind from important work.