Do you can render with vista ?

Hi , i have an asus g2 and i got rendering problems , when i try to render with the default codecs like radius cinepack , microsoft video or indeo , i cant play them in the renderwindow they look with artifacts , but i do if i double click them on the desktop with windows media.

also when i play them in resolume the look again strange.

do you guys have this problem under vista?

i don;t use vista - or render them directly as avi files

i always render out the frames as jpeg or png’s then use “virtualdub” to turn them into avi’s

(never had any issues with artifacts)

Welcome to the wonderful world of codecs. You will just have to hunt and peck to find what works under which players. Be aware that Media Player, Rich Content Player, Windows Movie Maker, Quicktime, etc all have different compatibilities.

thanx , but is there any vista users around ?
because im rendering with the DEFAULT codecs in vista , and i got artifacts.