Do you fancy a beer?


I have modeled and rendered it with Blender 2.65. The postproccess with Blender nodes and Photoshop CC.

I rendered it with Blender cycles and this configuration:

Samples: 3000AA square samples.
Device: GPU compute
Bounces: 12 MAX / 10 MIN
-Diffuse: 1
-Glossy: 8
-Transmission: 16
-Volume: 0

DOF Configuration:

Tutorials that helped me to make this work:

What do you think?

Hope you like it!


Nice use of DOF! Looks very realistic but kinda stylised at the same time.

Oh I love JD. Nice render!

Nice render, but where’s the beer? :smiley:

Arrghhhh, sorry. I translated the expression very bad :((((

Thanks! Yes, I was inspired by Gleb Alexandrov (Creativeshrimp) and Andrew Price (Blender Guru). I add to the post the tutorials that help me to do this work

I add below a few images to help you with the DOF.
Hope it can be useful!