Do you have images you would published in Linux magazine?

I have been asked to write an article for linux magazine, focusing on open-source 3-D graphics. The article is almost finished and I have created many screenshots, etc, but there is an opportunity to put some artwork into the article as well.

This is kind of last-minute, but some people suggested that I post here.

If anyone has any high-quality art workfor for which they would be willing to give permission for publication, please respond or contact me directly using:

[email protected]

Yafray renders with nice lighting would be especially great.

If anyone is interested, I would need images (not jpeg… but png is ok) very very soon, as well the statement of permission to publish it in linux magazine. I’ll be sending the final version of the article off in a few hours. I am story for such late notice but I didn’t think to post here until now.

Feel free to send attachments to the e-mail account.

Don’t know if anyone will be interested, but one way or the other, thanks for reading!


These are all made in blender, for most of them of I’ve got larger PNGs I can share, just let me know if you fancy any of them and I’ll mail them to you.

Edit: Might I also add that most of them were done for the most part in linux :slight_smile:


The medicine cabinet and samurai are excellent! Do you have copies of these before they were compressed into jpegs?

Even if not, it would be great if you could mail these, along with a statement that you would allow them to be reprinted in publication of Linux Magazine.

They already have your name on them, so we’ll just leave it there, crediting you for the work. If its too small I’ll try to add a caption of text underneath the image mentioning you as the author.

thanks a lot, please send the highest quality versions/formats of the images you have. PNG is lossless, and a small file size, so it would be ideal, but really, anything you have would be appreciated.

thank you very much!

you can use those image if you want:

if you use any of them, plz tell me, and I’d like if you could put my name or email under it (xwarrior [at] if you do use any of them. And out of curiosity, for which magazine are you doing this article?


Did you use Yafray for any of these? If so I will specify that in the caption.


Really nice stuff!

I would love to use anotherbrokenpath2 and CityLightremix. Could you write a statement giving permission to publish these in Linux Magazine? You could even do it right here on the forum.

If you have uncompressed versions of those pictures, I would like to get them so that the printing quality is the best it can be in the magazine. if all you have is JPEGs, that’s OK, but the quality of JPEG is somewhat weak, even at maximum quality setting.

Yes, if you like I can include your e-mail.

It’s for linux magazine. Apparently, they’re the number one magazine for linux in Europe.

I give you permission to use both of these image in your article
signature: Jean-Sébastien Guillemette

guess that’s all you need :smiley:

As far as quality goes, anotherbroken path is the only quality I have. I have citylightremix in bigger and better quality. Just tell me which size you need and I’ll send you (I have it in full quality for A3 printing so just tell me the size you want, it’s probably way smaller than this hehe).


If the file size for the A3 quality printing is less than 10 MB as a PNG, please send it.

If not, send the highest quality png that you can that is less than 10 MB.

Its a gmail account, so it rejects attachments larger than a certain size, around 10MB.

They might even decide to put it on the cover. (I’m sure they would pay you to use it as a cover image.)

send to [email protected]

Thanks a lot!

OK, check you inbox :slight_smile:

And just out of curiosity which linux magazine are we talking about?” || “” || “other”?

Its for this one:

Which I believe (though am not sure) is the real, original, Linux magazine.