Do you have/want an iphone but are too cheap to pay for service?

Here’s my sweet little hack for getting service to an iphone for only $2.74[USD] a month!

How is this possible? Using skype!

You can get unlimited calls to cells and landlines in the us for 2.74 a month! And skype-skype is free. You can also sms text other skype users or cell phones! [it 100% works!!!]

But don’t you need service to use skype? Or wi-fi?

Yes, you would need wi-fi… that’s why there’s part 2.

Sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan [via: at&t] It’s 10cents a minute, but as long as you don’t talk on your real number, it’s free! You will have access to the towers and have signal wherever a normal paying user would have. Now just pay for skype everymonth and put skype on your iphone!!!

I hope you enjoyed. You can do this on any phone, as long as you can get skype on your phone [blackberry, iphone, ipod touch, blackjack, and more]

EDIT:: oops it 2.95 per month

You’ll need “fring” on your phone.

Interesting. But AT&T’s coverage sucks here, and the iphone doesn’t work with Verizon. And you have to sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T anyway.

Ummm… no… at&t has the most towers out of all networks… that’s why apple teamed with them.

Believe me, I own an iphone. I rarely ever has no bars.

EDIT:: That’s why I included that it works on other phones too.

Sorry, but in Western NC, there is no 3G coverage… Verizon has much better coverage here. And I’m not going to sign up for a 2 year contract with AT&T only to terminate it early…

By the way, can you text message via Skype?

I’m sure there’s a Verizon has a phone that you can load skype on.

No, my sister-in-law lives in Hickory NC (western) and she owns an iphone. It’s works fine.

That sounds real nice, unfortunately I can’t even keep my Go-Phone working, I hate being broke:mad:

@roofoo, at least you aren’t stuck with Nextel:eek: Most of my family is and ever since they joined with Sprint, their service, excuse me, has gone down the toilet. For instance, you have full bars and still not be able to connect, but not only that, the stupid hybrid phones, which is all they sell now, can’t keep a battery charged for a full day! :mad: :no: Sorry for the rant. I hate Sprint.

You can’t pay $3 a month? Just save up for an iphone (with an ipod touch you need wi-fi to make calls)

Or a blackberry, or other skype enabled/skype hackable phone.

Call me old fashon , but, I still prefer to use my bluebox on payphones.
Captan Crunch FTW!!

No, I’m fortunate if I even have a dollar left over every week. Right now I have about $0.50. Thanks though for the info, I’ll remember that when I actually have something, maybe when I’m old enough for a real job. Thanks, I always wanted a iPhone.

haha, just do freelance work. Tis what i do =D

Yeah, I wanna start in January or so. I’ve got a lot of stuff to figure out first and not to mention getting better;)
Anyways, we best get back on-topic

Just build up a big portfolio, No one will higher you without a massive portfolio.

Back on topic now –

Until Apple approves Flash on the iPhone and adds copy/paste, I’m keeping my money.

I’m writing a script that allows you to copy and paste inside the app. It’s just a Proof-Of-Concept to show people that it IS possible!

I wish I just had $60 more dollars.
You know, I’d be willing to sell models somewhere.
And oh yeah, I’m saving up for iPhone, and then Jailbreak, Unlock(No Phone contract uh-uh)

You should use my technique when you get your phone.

I have an iPhone but not too cheap to pay for service. Besides, I heard that VOIP thing delays your voice.

It’s delay Rate is about 1 second. Depending on your signal strength.