Do you people hate me?

(Pooba) #1

It’s a simple question really, i’m just wondering because whenever anybody else posts a game or something EVERYBODY responds to it, and then when I post a game I get like 2 responses tops. Hell, i get more responses in the WIP forums, which is sad because 90 percent of the people there don’t even read the posts about games.

(gargola) #2

come on man!we don’t hate you.i don’t know about you,but i’m a little sad cause of the future of the game engine,so i don’t feel like posting much here on the realtime forum.don’t know about others. :slight_smile:

(Eric) #3

Sorry, I just voted yes without any reason at all (reflex). So just simply don’t count my vote :slight_smile:

(Yamyam) #4

Hey boy, Have you ever thought about people who gives replies for you?

When I tell you a location of the mouse script in other thread, you gave me no replies and no thanks.

Sorry, I’m bored to post replies for you.
I don’t hate you, But I want you think about your doing…

p.s. The above are my opinion. I think no one hate you. This forum has few people… :frowning:

(saluk) #5

I don’t think anyone cares about games very much, so you can’t really expect to get a lot of replies in here. I dont think people hate you though :slight_smile:

(joecool) #6

I don’t hate you. I know I RARELY look at games anymore. I don’t look at much of anything anymore but the future of blender. I haven’t had time to blend much at all lately. I have been working on learning javascript, and trying to work on the tutorials section of my site. But I think the realtime section has seriously gone down…:frowning:
I’m working on a jet ski game again!:slight_smile: But anyway, no one hates you. Look how slow this forum is anyway…S-L-O-W!

(S_W) #7

Of course we don’t hate you :slight_smile: , but I think with the uncertain future of the game engine there isn’t so much enthusiasm any more :frowning: