Do you think Morgellons is real?

Heh, after so many years we find out that there’s no risk of getting such a bizarre condition, some have argued you might get it from eating genetically modified food, but I guess it’s now just another possible GM-food hazard knocked down (when it comes to eating them anyway).

you just think you turn into a wolf or a dragon, but it’s all in your head.

This thread was made back when I still believed I was a Dragon, something I haven’t believed for over a year now (despite certain forces from my head still trying to tell me I am one, I still like Dragons though :rolleyes:)

I’m sure those who have the condition would disagree it’s all in their head. If it’s something you really believe, no amount of medical research will convince you otherwise.

i think it is probably a combination of both. reasoning is because there may be physical problems like subcutaneous neuropathy but most problems could be a psychogenic reason. i looked in my mom’s nursing book and unfortunately couldn’t find anything on morgellons.

@namekusejin: st. vitus’s dance is a huge possibility cause a number of conditions cause it. like rheumatic fever

Ha! i’ve had problems like that many times. my biggest one is me acting like a robot often. nowadays i don’t act like a robot but i often find myself thinking as one (i.e. thinking my memories are .mem files or something :D.)

Sure we have GMO’ed foods, but what about the clothing you wear? What’s the likelihood that cotton is also genetically modified to produce greater yields?

I don’t know that it is a disease. It may be a symptom of something else though. See this: