Do you think my cpu and gpu benchmark reults are good?

i see here, that my cpu is actually faster than my gpu.

my gpu is nvidia Geforce GTX 1070.

CPU is AMB Ryzen 7 1700X eight core 3,40 ghz.

and i have 32 gb ram.

You perform the following benchmarks with official Blender 2.79b (you do not use Blender builds downloaded from buildbot)

You use the downloaded file from the first link for GPU benchmarks. CPU with the file downloaded from the second link. You do not modify anything in the files, just render and wait.
Share the render times results here.

i used the blender benchmark app downloaded from

i use the official blender 2.79b. i do not use other modified blenders.

i download the benchmark app here:

Apparently the results are correct, they are very similar to what other users get with similar hardware.
See CPU spreadsheet in first message of CPU benchmark thread. And GPU spreadsheet here:

Your GPU is somewhat faster than your CPU. In very complex scenes your CPU could be a bit faster than your GPU. The good thing is that in Blender from master or 2.8 you will be able to use GPU+CPU combined at the same time.

About Blender official benchmark, as far as I know it is still in development and they are not publishing user results with which to compare.

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