Do you use protection.... on your pc?

When we buy our computers they come out of the box ready to be linked to other computers and have a free flow of information between them.
Because of this they are wide open to attack when we connect them to the internet (or a network).

Hackers are very activley scanning the net with programs that search for vulnerable computers! They can install a backdoor on your computer by tricking you into opening a false email. There is a program which hides the true file type by converting .exe to .jpg! Then there’s addware!

Any way with all this stuff out there there must be several ways that members of the community have implimented to protect their computers.
It would be great if we could share those!

As for me I have my file sharing turned off, a virus scanner with the latest dat files, an “addware” scanner, and a fire wall.

How about y’all?

VS latest Dat , FW, Cookies disabled, and exclusive spam filtering . I use something else: extreme caution. That works as well. :slight_smile:

Linux with the latest stable kernel and iptables firewall. Then I put this behind a physical hardware router. Then I usually have the hardware router behind another linux router that runs iptables firewall and other security services. Then when I notice any supicious activity on the cable modem, I go to the outside linux system, and log all the traffic and port numbers that come through it. I don’t have the outside linux firewall up right now, but the other two step usually do good enough. 8)

Connection: all ports blocked, triple server connection with different loggins and passwords, ip tracing blocked, unasked for connections bounced back and forth between the first 2 servers, … (I could go on and on).

Virus: I don’t open crapppy mail, I don’t use outlook, scan all attachement, I know where everything comes from.

enough said


Hello!!! :smiley:

On my Windows box I use:

-Zone Alarm.
-Norton Antivirus.

On my Linux box I use these:

-All services except ssh closed.
-ttysnoop for monitoring (better say snooping) ssh connections.
-For antivirus (not that I think theres a real danger), I use the goodies from OpenAntivirus project (


none, I just use caution, and I scan my downloads. I have only downloaded 3 viruses in like 2 and a half years. This is also our first pc.
We had a mac once, but my mom ruined it twice…hehe

linux behind a router and firewall… Thats all i need :wink:

A bit of caution, a crappy firewall and Norton.

Still a computer needs some weird stuff getting in or it won’t develop a personality. I mean with a boring sane anyone could use it. Mine acts so strange that I’m probably the only one that could make it do anything useful ;). Comes from installing and doing unsuccessful uninstallations of alot of programs over the years I guess.

  1. pofo

You’ll probably think I’m unconscious and liking arguing (which I’m not). But I just wonder if it is the real threat of hackers or the way protection software ads are built.

All ads for Norton, Panda etc… always soud like if all the hackers of the planet wanted to attack YOU! with appeal to the vocabulary of agression, even rape almost sometimes!

So I wonder if we really protect our computers from real threat or against the fear that software-sellers built in us…

For myself I do not use anything anymore except regular backups on solid support (CD-ROM…) of my work files. And I do not open unknown mails. That’s all.
I never experienced any problem except those caused by excedent of soft running in all directions, non fully uninstalled etc…, like Pofo said. I was mostly downed by the soft which should have protect my comp!

And I consider that
1- The hacker always has advance on protection
2- If a good hacker wants to get in, he will (consequently to 1)
3- Over the millions of computers, what is the probability that I will be directly assaulted?

The most threatenning entity for my comp has been Windows until today…

9, I really wish what you say was true. Actually in a way it is, you prabably won’t be hit by a hacker, instead however, it’s the Script Kiddies. The chances of a script kiddie hitting you is VERY high. Especially if running a standard windows PC, and particularly much much higher if you have file sharing enabled. They have scanners that search networks on the internet for system with certain porst open, then hit you. So it’s not really a question of someone specifically attacking you, than it is keeping the scanners from pointing you out to them.

As for viruses, I would venture to say that Outlook is the worst tool for virus parnoia. It is about the other half of viruses, for it is the best tool for them to use to run and propogate themselves. For protection, even a simple firewall to block ports from scanners, and some type of decent virus scan would be fine. Make sure you check things over with a commercial firewall though. McAffee had one version of their firewall, that would run you CPU at 100% and cause the temperature to rise about 20 degrees. I almost burnt up my system with it a couple years back.

Norton antivirus 2002.

ive got mcaffee, norton, and zone alarm… after grabbing norton and installing it, i scanned my comp and found none other than 8 viruses, lmao…good job mcaffee u peice of shit! zone alarms pretty good i guess, i dunno…

joecool, using caution??? viruses can be hidden in emails that look like emails from your freinds, same headers and email addys, and they can be hidden in JPGs on a web page… your asking to be hit, and itll happen man, u better go dl some virus protection

Norton AntiVirus & Norton Internet Security
Updates every few days.

If you don’t want to wait for hackers to test your security for you
you can have it checked on-line for free at
They scan for several types of weaknesses that would make your computer a target for hackers.

(If you have a fire wall turn on the alert window and watch it really get put through it’s paces!)

This the result I got from them;

“Conclusion: Healthy Setup! We could detect nothing interesting on any of the default ports on your IP address. Your computer appears to be a hard target. Well done!”

Of coarse I’m not going to get complacent now.

“I blend; therefore I am.”