Do you want/have an iphone, but don't have money for service? [tutorial]

Here’s my sweet little hack for getting service to an iphone for only $2.74[USD] a month!

How is this possible? Using skype!

You can get unlimited calls to cells and landlines in the us for 2.74 a month! And skype-skype is free. You can also sms text other skype users or cell phones! [it 100% works!!!]

But don’t you need service to use skype? Or wi-fi?

Yes, you would need wi-fi… that’s why there’s part 2.

Sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan [via: at&t] It’s 10cents a minute, but as long as you don’t talk on your real number, it’s free! You will have access to the towers and have signal wherever a normal paying user would have. Now just pay for skype everymonth and put skype on your iphone!!!

I hope you enjoyed. You can do this on any phone, as long as you can get skype on your phone [blackberry, iphone, ipod touch, blackjack, and more]

EDIT:: oops it 2.95 per month

um… wrong forum?