Doc 2.6 Manual Update: How?

I’m looking at the Blender Documentation, Doc:2.6/Manual/Render/Output and it says:

The output format for Animations Animation CtrlF12 is selected using the Format Panel. From here you can select many image or animation formats (Image and animations formats.). When rendering static images, you can select the file type after you render when you save the image.

I recall the Formats Panel, but it seems to have disappeared at some point. I assume (and you know what they say about assuming) that it has been split between the Dimensions Panel and the Output Panel, so when I want to render an animation from a series of still images, all I do is change the Output Panel’s file format to one of the ‘Movie’ formats. I will see it that works. *

It would be nice if someone who actually knows what happened to the Format Panel would do a search through all the 2.6 documentation for “Format Panel” and fix all the places that refer to it, since it is no longer in 2.6. I wonder if there are any other panels that have been merged, renamed, folded into others or done away with as redundant that still lurk in the official documentation.

(*seems to work. Now, how does the official documentation get updated?)

(*seems to work. Now, how does the official documentation get updated?)

Thnaks, Richard. I tried to get editing privileges years ago, but that never panned out. I’ll give it another go.