doc on bgl ?

i did not find any infor on bgl in API

anybody has seen some pages doc for this bgl ?


It’s just a thin wrapper around the regular openGL functions so any reference you find on that should work.

Did you mean this:

but is this fro 2.49?

cause i was thinking more about the API doc for 2.5

did not find any reference to this BGL but it’s there somewhere !


I have looked over internet but I found only this ( It seems that it is still in development :/.

some scripts are already using bgl commands in 2.5

so may be the doc has not been done yet for this module!


Yeah. Maybe someone else will post link to current version of API. But it is still an option to ask developers :).

They used to have the 2.5 docs but some update (or something) broke them and they have to be converted to sphinx – by hand apparently.