Doctor Who's TARDIS (2nd version)

Hi there !
A while ago, I made a TARDIS model I was pretty happy with (especially because it was my first fully textured model). But then my computer broke down and I lost two years of work, so I decided to re-make my TARDIS.
So, here’s what I’ve got so far. It’s not finished yet, I’m still not satisfied with the shaders, which look way too glossy in my opinion (by the way, if anyone knew how to properly use a specular map with Cycles…), and the overall look is too clean.
There’s still some tweaking needed on the lantern, or whatever it’s called, and I’ve been told the panel is actually an openable box with a phone inside, so the door handles I made are misplaced.

I’ve modeled the whole thing in Maya, except for some cleaning -Maya’s merge tools don’t work well- and did the rest with Blender.

Don’t hesitate to criticize : ]

And a quick turnaround :

Hello again. I’ve been working on the textures and shaders today. I’m still struggling with the glossiness. Either it looks like the wood was dipped in oil or like if the light has no effect on it.
Anyway, here’s my progress.

Nice work! I feel your pain at losing a bunch of work. I lost a cool R2-D2 model that I spent hours modeling and animating.

I was having trouble with the specular in Cycles with a project I have been working on. I took a screenshot of the node setup I used that seemed to work. It is a modified version of a setup explained at Blender Cookie. I added all the text to the pic because I thought it would be something useful to post on my site.

Hi ! Thanks for your answer. Yep, losing work sucks. Although doing something again might give better results !
I’ve been struggling with the wooden material, but thanks to this forum, I’ve finally made one that fits my needs. I’ve done the same for the metal shader that… didn’t look like metal at all. Next thing to do is the glass material !

Here are my shaders, with maps and nodes, if anyone wants to take a look at it.


metal shader :

i like your (cleaner) node setup better. the render examples are great. I didn’t want to redo my textures, so I had to mess with the nodes a bit :spin:

Were did you get your textures. I’m working on my model of the TARDIS but I’m never happy with my textures.