Documentation for Blender voxel formats?

I’ve done tons of google searches, and not found any description of Blender’s voxel formats, neither the one called “8 bit Raw” nor the native “Blender Voxel” format. Is there documentation out there for either format? I have data I’d like to convert into that format.

Edit: I’m just going to reuse this post.

Did some research into Blender’s source code and came up with this:

Use it like this:

  1. Unzip and open a command line in the write_voxel folder.
  2. Run the file with your generated source like: sourcefile.txt
  3. In Blender select a Blender Voxel texture and select the outputted voxels.bvox in the write_voxel folder with absolute path, there seems to be a bug with relative

That’s all, hope it works. I don’t have any voxel files to test it on so let me know.


Any examples/documentation for multi-frame voxel data?

does anybody know in the mean time about a tool that creates a blender compatible surface mesh from a 3D voxel data set, like CT or MRI machines generate ? feel free to experiment with an example plastic skull CT data set we are playing with for a while :

the one suggested above,, does not suit well as it requires a text input. now, beside the problem that voxel-based volume renderings in blender look very poor currently (to my experience, i may be wrong) it is also the volume itself that is not not visible in the 3D view mode but only after rendering to some image output format.

you may also search this archive for ‘valaki’ and you will other threads that cover this matter … thanks.