Dodge Challanger

:evilgrin: final composition
HD Res 2,44MB

HD Res 2,74MB


wow! nice job :slight_smile: 5 * from me :slight_smile: its basically perfect…

wow amazing it looks real.

Congratulations on finishing your project. It’s well done.

This is Gallery worthy!

What did you use to render this?

nice render indeed, and i love this car :slight_smile:

looks greate! :open_mouth:
is it internal blender render?

To the gallery please…

love the faux-realism! indeed to the gallery! an excellent example of modeling+materials+textures+lighting+comp skills

That is some sweet pair of wheel

This is awesome and inspiring!

I am pleased that I read so many positive comments, big thanks:o
I plan to make another shot from the back but I do not know if time will allow me to do this

Holy crud, that’s amazing, great work!

Truly an amazing work, I love these cars!!

But, where did you get the references for the seats? They look great, but they are not the seats that came with this car.

Other than that, it’s a great job! better than I could do… 4.9 stars from me…


Beautiful job… :yes:

damn. that is about all I can manage to say five stars, dude you are deadly with yafaray

this time it’s indigo

that’s a change, but still great image I just love you choice of color

I´ll bitch again =)

You actually didn´t state what it is supposed to be. For photorealism it lacks certain quality features, for everything else it is more than good =)

Its 5* from me, nevertheless I see room for improvement - which I really would like to see, not only am I a Dodge fan, I think the whole model is kickass.

The tires for instance are killer, while the rims, actually all the chrome in general doesn´t look to real.
At first glance its really photorealistic, but there is really a hard cut between the materials.

Tires: photorealistic
Rims: looks artificial
Headlights: photorealistic
Bumper: looks artificial
Paintjob: photoreaslistc
Leatherinteriour: looks artificial

I think the materials need some revamping and overhauling and it’s all good =)

another great work by kellyq!
you really are the master of making vehicles