Dodge Challenger 1970

Hi this is my first almost finished model so please some critique and some advice
here is few pics

The model looks great, but you should add some details in the wheels, they are a little empty, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t this be in the Work In Progress section?

It’s a bit difficult to critique on this, as it’s a plain model without materials. All I can see now is that your door (image 2) is just ‘cut out’. There’s a small gap (where the door hinge would be) through which you can actually see the inside of the left door. Or am I wrong?


you are right it is just cut out on this pic i added some materials and extruded edges little bit inside

It looks nice :)!
For some reason I can’t put my finger on, though, it looks more like a toy car than a real one:confused:. Still, good modelling.

hey that´s looking pretty good, but you might want to change the title since there is no such thing as a 1966 challenger. It did not come out until 1970.

You have some topology problems around your wheel well at the front and at the back but its overall looking good. Posting wires in WIP helps all the people who want to critique and offer suggestions so you might want to do that. Keep going its going to turn out good.

I think there should be more space between doors and body, juuuuuuuuuuust a little bit.

Camera angle / height makes it look like a toy.

Modeling looks good.

i was busy lately and didnt work at all since my last post here
today i remodeled it from scratch here are some wires

Tip. Don’t post pictures with subdivision surfaces on or smoothing. It’s too hard to tell what’s what
and where it is and where it should be. I honestly can’t really help you with those images. Also posting a few images of the real thing or a few links help as I doubt most people here have even seen a 40 year old
American car like the 1970 Challenger.

Not bad demkit, you just need to clean up your mesh and smooth out some areas and it will look even better. Can I get a shot of the back without the rear bumber, I could make a few suggestions on how to clean up that area in particular. This car is pretty good but with maybe a weeks worth of work on the body to get it just right will take it from good to great. Its always worth the time to get the body of the car just right its what will be looked at the most.