Dodge Challenger SRT

Update: current progress:

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Continuing my love for Dodge and their cars, I am modelling a 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT. This will be my WIP thread.
I have a start on the front end. There are a few bumps in there I need to get out yet, and something is really wrong with the vent(term?:confused:) that I haven’t figured out yet.

More coming soon,

It’s because of the curve and your solidify modifier causes it. My suggestion would be to get the inside of the vent and in edit mode press p and selection so that it is it’s own mesh or add in another edge loop along there and if you are using an edge crease then remove it and use edge loops on either side

:confused:I don’t have a curve or solidify modifiers.
The whole area there is messy. I just need to redo it.

Fair enough and by curve I meant literally a curve in the mesh

I haven’t fixed the vent yet, but I got a bit done on the sides.

I fixed the vent. Rear part started, lots of stuff to do/improve back there.

Looking really good!

Not much new done:

and a little inspiration by Brooks:

Oh this is going to look Sweeeet if it (and I am betting it will) looks anything like the picture

A bit more work done. Next up, the headlight area.

Looks sweet! I would just check the lower part of the front bumper, and the front-upper corner of the front window.

I will do that.
The headlight area modelled, but no head lights yet. I will probably make the door handle and fuel cap next.

Sorry for no updates. I have been working on this, but I don’t have much new to show. I’ve done the door handle and fuel cap, and messed around with a couple of tire things. This is the point in a project that I always lose a bit of motivation. :frowning:

pics for the fuel cap and door handle:

Looks nice. Progress can be slow at times especially when you start getting down to all the little details. But it’s worth it. How about a wireframe?

sure, here you go, nothing fancy:

I’m having trouble finding out/deciding what sort of tires and rims should be on here. I don’t really know where to get that sort of information. I couldn’t even figure out what sort of tire would/could/should go on here.

Headlights. They are kind of basic, but the best I could do with the ref I had. It surprises me that there isn’t a lot more good reference material out there for this car. Or maybe I am just not looking in the right spots…

The side mirrors are also done, but they aren’t worth showing.

I still haven’t been able to figure out what sort of tires and rims to put on here :frowning:
any suggestions?

Just a suggestion on the rims, what about OEM.

I redid the lower front, and added some hopefully temporary wheels in.

I am not happy with today’s work. I don’t know why.