Dodge Charger (new render page 2)

It’s finish (Yafray render).

Very nice!
The car is well presented in all its incredible ugliness (your model is good, the original is ugly :wink: (just my opinion/taste).

Only thing that bugs me is the edge of the wall. There should be no (visible) wall. Either make the ground large enough to fill complete view, or model something like used in object photography, where the ground bends up in a soft curve to also build a wall (to avoid the edge, provides for smooth gradients in the background).

Really nice. Wish I could do this stuff myself.
Is this the car of Dukes of Hazzard ?

Hey, this one is really cool. I appreciate the inner thing of the wheels (I am sorry, I do not know the English translation. Too lazy to look it up :wink: ).
What is about a background, a street or a garage. I would like it.

Cool as always! Did you use the new Blender builds with Yafray included to render this?

Excellent model. But where is the interior?


Your model is really good, when i want to make it look there is no wall I use the toon shader but im not sure if that translates to yafray. The materials are pretty good too, however, although it may only be me i think it looks slightly plasticy a bit like a toy car. Addte may help ing a “roof” of white may help. Keep it as a blue background though it compliments the orange paint very. Your chrome and window materials are very good, if you dont want to model and interior reduce the tranparency. (I always do that cause im lazy).

Overall though, very good.

Extremely impressive. And a classic car at that. It needs the confederate flag and thats it. I don’t like the environment though. Its extremely unrealistic. And your tires need to be black…not purple.

Thanks for comments.
It’s not the General Lee, They have only the same color and ugly rear…
For the two first pics, i used Yable for the Hdri lighting, for this pic i used BY.

BY meaning Blender/Yafray? YeeeHaaaaaa! It works for me Speedtiti. Show this one off at CGtalk if you haven’t done that already.


Blend on!

sweet as car man i love chargers! i wish i knew how to make these kid othings my self! how did u learn?

Sammy-D, i made my own technique for my cars, you can learn it with my tut here :

Another render :

The ground texture looks a little blurry, but other than that, great job.

you should throw some R/T badges on that baby

thanks for the tut! im sure it would be helpfull but i cant speak french… or whatever the language is! hahahaha

looks great. Missing detail when viewed too up close imo, like that front view.

A new render with HDRI :

nice the rims look nice too erm ah no wait no very nice peice.

very nice, i like it :smiley:

thanks for the tut! im sure it would be helpfull but i cant speak french… or whatever the language is! hahahaha

duuuuuuuuuuuude, the r.i.g.h.t. column … :-? - or on blenderman

but, yes, I must agree - renders look too mouch like it’s just out of the carwash :stuck_out_tongue: