Dodge Charger

Realistic Dodge Charger

Modelled by David Stingl

Rendered in Blender Cycle.
Wanted to improve my lighting & rendering skills.
Feedbacks are welcome.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

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Great work bro… This is so realistic work so far I have seen.

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Thanks bhai. Just trying to develop my skills.

I concur best scene i have seen in a bit.
Nice job! the charger itself is incredibly accurate.
The only thing that is off is the headlights.
had to edit, the ultra rare charger 500
had that grill without the tunnel(they used to call that tunnel grills)
and a flush rear window no extended pillars.
also i usually see this charger with the headlights closed.
not a crit mind you just an observation.
dunno anyway great work!

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Hey Rick thanks for the feedback. Your feedback on modelling is truly valuable, but unfortunately I didn’t modeled the Charger. It is modelled by David Stingl @stingl_design & uploaded on Blendswap. All credit for detailed modelling goes to him. I used it for improving my lighting & composition skills.

ah no worries,the scene itself is great on it’s own.
i am a little envious as cars are easy for me.
convincing backgrounds not so much.
but i am learning still even after all these years.
Kudos man

Thanks again for your feedback & best of luck for your work. Keep practicing you will definitely achieve your target.