Dodge Hellcat

Hi Guyz, I have been working on this model for quite sometime now. This is my first hi poly model. I took inspiration from this amazing tutorial series by Kevin Gallant. I still have to add in the materials. I look forward to finishing this and making more awesome and complexer stuffs.

Feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:


The mesh looks nice and clean so Im looking forward to see the renders… Only seems that the windows does NOT fit well (especially front).

Sincerely, JayM

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Thank you so much.

Fantastic modeling,of course, but

Well, have you actually checked the “physical” dimensions of this model against [any …] actual car? Because my eye is telling me that the passenger compartment isn’t tall enough.

Yeah, the guy at the car-lot might look at you very strangely when you pull out your tape-measure and start snapping pictures, but … just in case …

Thank you for the response. I actually modeled it out of a blue print. So the orthographic view would be nice. But I didn’t set in the real values in the scale section. Could it be that the camera is actually reading the things wrong in the perspective mode because of that? That’s a really good tip. Thanks.

Finally finished rendering the cars. Criticisms are welcome. :smiley:

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A few more renders…just going crazy…

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