Dodge Neon mesh?

I’ve been trying for weeks to make a Dodge Neon mesh for a project I’m working on, and am just not having any luck. I’ve got something that is recognizable as a car, and doesn’t actually look too bad, but it’s definitely not a Neon.

Does anyone have a Neon mesh I could use, or know where I can get one for free? (I found one one the web for $120, but that is really way out of budget.) It would only be used for this project, not distrubuted anywhere. If I ever have the urge to publish the renderings on my website, I’ll even get permission first.

(The project, if you’re interested, is to chop out the center 28" inches, lengthwise, out of a Neon to make a skinny gyrocar. :confused: )

I shall thank you…

Can you send in an image please, maybe there will be more of an idea of what your in need of, Ithink I can be of help.

Here is a picture of what I’ve managed to make so far, and what I’m trying to do with the mesh - chop out the middle 28" to make a skinny body for a motorcycle chassis. is a link showing what the real car looks like. is a link regarding gyrocars.
(First time with attachments - hope I did it right!)


If it is just a personal project, why does it have to be a Dodge Neon?

There are quite a few free “cars” here.

Only because I have a Neon, and can go measure it whenever I need some obscure dimension. If I have to, I’ll use another car, but I’d really prefer a Neon since all the planning so far is based on a Neon.
Thanks for that link.

What is the year/body style Neon you are looking for? I may be able to scrounge something up.

2000-2006 would be best. Thanks!

I’m still looking for a model close to the Neon. If you have the blueprints (basically just a top view reference) I may be able to find time to model a basic one for you. Have you got blueprints?

The only blueprints I’ve got are front, back, and side views (they came from No top view. And fairly low-res, too.

(What I’d give for a giant 3D scanner!!)

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