Dodge Viper *update2*

(Aksy) #1

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Tell me what do u think…

80k WARNING!!!

(BgDM) #2

Very impressive start. I can’t beleive you have 40 views and no replies to this yet.

Anyway, as I said, very nice start. The vents in the hood seem to be a little small, for some reason. Could be just the camera angle or something. Front bumper looks bang on.

Keep on going and keep us updated, (even if it is only me :wink: )

Also, I almost forgot, are you using poly’s with sub-d or nurbs for this?


(blengine) #3

looks pretty good so far, its a hard model, i know =) but fun too… what year model are u doing?

(scrappy) #4

this is looking like a great start!!! its nice to have another car WIP in the forum, where did rixtr66 take off too??? i haven’t seen him around for awhile. anyway, modeling a car can be very demanding, believe me i know.

(Aksy) #5

I made polys with sub-d.
I don’t know the model’s year it’s Viper roadster or something like that. I’ll check it when I come home…

Thanx!!! 8)

(Xampersand) #6

Hmm. I think I’m about to ask a stupid question. Oh, well, here it goes!

What are you using for source material. That is, multiple views of the car, or an advertising piece on the car? I’m always fascinated by such complex models, but getting the scale right without a schematic drawing scares me more than the gates of hell contest!

(NateTG) #7

viper is my fav car. I have often tried to model, one, but have been unsucessful.

good start.

(Aksy) #8

There’s my reference picture what I used in backround OK, I don’t have drawed it myself :wink: but it is for free use from There’s many good ref pics for cars, planes, ships etc…

(Aksy) #9

Little update…

(das_hip) #10

This certainly looks good!

i would like to do a car modelling too, though i’m a blender newbie

i’ve set up a few surfaces with reference blueprints of a car,
now i can’t seem to decide how to make the surfaces.

you guys mentioned ‘poly sub-d’. is that polyline first, adding
some vertices and then converting to a mesh? when i convert
a closed curve to a mesh i get all those triangular faces, which
seem useless to me when you have to do some operations on
the surface of the car later on???

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some advise!

(mrmunkily) #11

make a polyline using mesh tools as opposed to curves. blender curves are largely useless, unfortunately (maybe this will change?) then you can connect the lines manually, it’s a LOT slower than real lofting and such but it’s all we’ve got at the moment. alternatively there is real skinning but its a pain in the ass and hard to control.

(halibut) #12

i love that deep yellow in the second picture, cant wait to see the finished car :smiley:

  • halibut

(Eric) #13

Hey, I had thoughts about to model a Viper (before). You stole my idea >8^P

Your’s coming along nicely, totally cool.

(Aksy) #14

thanks!!! But u must wait a little for update because school takes all the time now. :-?

(Aksy) #15


The cover is nearly finished.

halibut: don’t worry the color is same as previous picture but lighting is different :wink:

(VelikM) #16

Coming along very nicely :smiley:

(Aksy) #17

More update. I added some details. Tell me if I made something wrong.

(BgDM) #18

Looking very good. Nice clean mesh as well.

There are a few small spots that just need to be extruded a bit more, (around the door, trim areas, etc.), but I am sure you are aware of those spots.

Great work. THis is coming along very nicely.