Dodge Viper

Thanks for all your comments. I am working on some other materials now as well as on a scene. Here are some test renders I made in Brazil (3Ds Max plugin) for the chrome. I am thinking of rendering the Viper there as well.

C&C very welcome, that are my first renders in Brazil, so don’t be too harsh. :stuck_out_tongue:


The first render looks better IMO.

I think the second render looks better.

seconed better first ones remined me of tap handles

Heere is a test of the carpaint, rendered in Brazil.


Update, update :smiley:


Sorry for so much double posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Final render, I think I wont be rendering it anymore, I want to work on other projects. Besiedes, that one came out nice.



wow, that last bunch is the best! great work!

Incredible!!! :smiley:

ive said it once and ill say it again veeeeeeeeeeery nice wait i havt said that yet your the first :P.

haha!! bitchin’ render antiggo… brazil is great.

Aww geez…I did it again. I got drool all over the keyboard.

hmm…great job. I love vipers and now you make me want to finish my Viper Competition Coupe. Also the fog lamp grove still bugs me it should be smooth insdead of sticking out. Other then that NICE!!.