Dodging The Bullet

me trying to mix real with 3D. my first ever attempt. i hate the lighting on the bullet, tho. i keep trying to make it shiny, but it doesn’t work…

but, i’m happy with the trail behind it. i have a displace modifier, so i could animate the trail if i wanted. you never know, maybe i could make a short vid. i do have a green screen…

Pretty snazzy, I would recomend scaling the bullet down on the x axis cause the cap of a bullet doesn’t tnd to be that long, and mayb changing the camera angle. Do you mind me asking how the trail was produced.

The trail needs to look more transparent but other than that, i can’t find fault althought the bullet could have been a bit more metalic

haha, well, its a sniper bullet. :stuck_out_tongue: and the trail is a cylinder loop cut a couple of times then a few complicated things. yeh, i dunno how to make the bullet metallic…

The lighting on the bullet is coming from a different direction then the lighting in the photo, and the bullet render is much too sharp.

Also, the smoke looks unrealistic. Make it a bit closer to white, and add some alpha.
It looks like a plastic bag actually…

And sort of ‘defocus’ the camera until the bullet’s about as fuzzy as the original picture.

And the trail looks way too solid… crank the alpha down a bit. Also check some other pics of bullet trails if you can find any. Usually they’re just a sort of distortion effect in a ring shape.

I was going to say it looks like an icicle. Use particles for smoke.

particles don’t look very realistic, though.

In order to get reflections, you need to add something to the scene for the bullet to reflect. It can be anything, but the most convincing solution would be to add an HDR image.

don’t i have to pay for that?

just take another picture of your room, but stand where you were standing there and take a picture that is of what is “behind” the camers, then set that as your background or make a big plane with that image on it and see if you can get some reflections going. It’s only a little bullet, so really all you need is a little bit of reflection.

Also, you’ll need to work on the lighting, get a much more ambient glow, because at the moment the lighting of the bullet is completely different to the lighing on the picture. See those black bits around the edges of the models? There are no black bits around you in that picture.

Also, defocus the bullet a bit, not only will it fit into the image more, it will hide and small inaccuracies. Keep blending!