Does an OS affect how stable Blender runs?

Blender crashes every now and then and sometimes it is difficult to avoid it from crashing. You are using it suddenly it vanishes while using it no warning nothing. Or it goes all white and I get a lot of these message when using Blender except it says Blender instead of Microsoft Windows:

With all being equal, would it crash less frequently if I used Linux or OSX instead of Windows 10? Has anyone ever compared?

From your screenshot it looks like Windows problem, but I don’t use Windows so I might be wrong here.
Its really hard to tell because you didn’t provide any info about what exactly are you doing in Blender, exact Blender version, what are your specs - CPU/GPU, drivers.

Usually if Blender crashes it leaves a small log file called crash.txt. It should be located in your Blender temp directory.
If you can spot when exactly the crash happens you can try to report it as a bug. You will also be asked to isolate the problem, simplify the scene and attach system info file that you can easily generate from within Blender.

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Read the question first then reply.

I’ve used it in both Windows and Linux, everything run faster on linux so yeah, but window’s version doesn’t really crash on my laptop more than it crashes on linux so, you might be running out of memory or need to update your drivers.

Think first and than ask.

Yes please

32gb of memory so yeah I guess I could update the GPU drivers.

Blender also crashes here on linux. When sculpting the window suddenly disappears. The blender team says it’s because of not enough ram. But I am using 24gb of ram and checked utilization.

After changing into NVidia from Radeon and using latest released blender, I have not had much crashing anymore.

Which Distro do you have?

I’m using POP_OS but there are a couple of pet peeves I have with it, and some bugs like forgetting fan settings on my GPU on restart that I have to set every time, and very hostile geeks who doesn’t offer any n00b support.

I just recently installed the latest NVidia driver. And now blender is giving me problems. I am using kubuntu 20.04.

It has been disappearing during edit. Loosing mouse input. And also freezing. Before the new driver was installed it was working good.

Definitely, generally more stable on Linux, but…

I used to distro hop a lot, now not so much anymore. Recently went from Pop! OS to Fedora Workstation, when System 76 stated adding their own spin to vanilla Gnome. Blender would crash less or more on some distros, also on difference versions of the same distro and sometimes after updates. I also use many versions of Blender concurrently, for plug-in compatibility and stability mostly. Some versions of Blender are more stable than others, but not consistently across OSs. It is difficult to tell whether the crash is OS or an application problem, especially the occasional hangs.

When I last used Windows with multi-boot, I found Blender generally more unstable, less fluid and slower when running on Windows, especially on lower spec hardware. That said, I found Blender rock solid compared to the Adobe products my income used to depend on.

The problem with my Nvidia drivers it loses thermal settings on restart.

Seems each distro has flaws, everyone claim this distro is super stable and easy to use but only if everything works out of the box otherwise you’re on your own. I don’t want to code but that is basically what I’m told to do when something goes wrong.