Does anybody know how to do this???

I found this vid on vimeo and it appears as though this entire scene was set up through render nodes but not only is it too complicated to figure out just by looking at it but theres also no tutorial on how the guy did it.

I emailed him but got no response. So I was hoping maybe somebody on here knows something about it.

Heres the vid

I appreciate any help thanx


Yes, he’s using composite nodes to adjust and combine render passes into a final image.

I know that but I’m trying to find out how he has the scene set up so I can use the same thing for my renders. Its the photorealism im after.

but thanx


Ah, I see what you’re asking. However, I think this is very dependent on your scene and the effect you want to achieve. For example, if his scene was of an orange on a black velvet cloth, I don’t think he would have created so many nodes to deal with the reflections, speculars, etc. You might be able to find some tutorials that would help with the basics by searching for “multipass rendering tutorials” or “rendering in layers tutorials”. Good luck!

TimmY also uploaded a time-lapse of a similar project. Have a look at it: