Does anyone have a 3d model of...

Does anybody have a 3d model of either a FA22 Raptor or a F2008 formula 1 car :eyebrowlift2:

I do not plan on selling these, I plane to use the F22 raptor for a free Flight simulator called Flightgear and the formula 1 car is just for my fun. :cool: If anybody has either of these models can they quickly UV map them and make some files which are *.jpg with the design so that i can change them.

Thanks very much.

:RocknRoll: Cyclops :RocknRoll:

umm…make them? There’s a crazy idea…

You can do some wonderful things with google.

EDIT - Here is another

Here, I’ll even give you reference:

I have even failed on the snowman tutorial so this would be impossible for me… :no:

Asking someone to work for free on one or more models for you is even more impossible (and very impolite, if I may say so).

I’m sure you’ll be able to find some people here who’d like to trade their skills with some of your talents. Perhaps you can write great documentation, or perhaps you’re a great coder? That would be one way to “pay” someone for making these models for you. The other ways are $$$ or investing your own free time.

I have an airplane, it’s not an F-22, but if you are interested, PM me.

just google free 3d model then what ever you are looking for.

You don’t know how much time i spent on doing that… on the net there is one single f22 which is not that amazing (for free)