Does anyone here know how to make character hairstyles?

Hi, I’m Melanie, does anyone here know how to make women’s hairstyles using blender?

I’m an avid fan of the video game Skyrim, which allows you to create your own character and customize their appearance. This game is also highly moddable.

I’m trying to make myself into a character, but I can’t find any hairstyle that looks like the one I usually have, and nobody anywhere else is willing to help me make one. My skills in 3D modeling are rudimentary at best.

Could a highly skilled blender artist please make a hairstyle that looks exactly like mine, and have it relatively low-poly as to not overload or crash the game because of excessive detail, but still make it look good?

My hairstyle is very complex and unique, which is why I can’t find anything similar to it anywhere.

Here’s some examples of custom user-created Skyrim hairstyles for a reference to the level of detail needed.

You can only google “skyrim female hairstyles” for more reference examples.

i can create you in a 3d character with your hairstyle in maya, if you are interested please contact me!
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