Does Anyone Know any good anime compositing tricks, to get that anime look and feel 2.93 eevee?

Basically I’m trying to figure out any good anime compositing tricks but there really isn’t any good tutorials online, or at least that I can find. I’m still new to blender, and I don’t know much about compositing.

I should note that this is for animations, not pictures.

I’m using eevee 2.93.




Have you checked these channels?

I think you should enable the Bloom option in the rendering settings and tweak with it a little (to create the unfocused style of these photos blurring the lights) also Depth of Field and Ambient Occlusion could help you achieve this style.
Regarding the outline:
I’ve used the solidified border technique for a while, (lightning studios tutorial on you tube), but it’s a pain and it usually doesn’t work well for complex scenes (or it needs an insane amount of work in the shader editor).
With the Freestyle option u can achieve the outline of the anime style, but it’s tricky and I strongly suggest a tutorial for understanding his limitations.

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I’m subbed to 2 of them, tho not for long, but haven’t heard of the second one. Do you have a link to any of their videos talking about it.

Hello there, did you try the latest Vroid release?
It’s not about composting but I think it could still be useful for what you’re doing :slight_smile:

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Having seen a ton of anime I would say this, anime compositing is just like normal compositing, there is not much difference, its all in the hands of the compositor/artist and the way they chose to use the tools.
I think it will be very hard to get knowledge from the source if you don’t speak Japanese.
I have seen various behind the scenes materials and they rarely talk about compositing.
If you examine the examples, its mostly blur, DOF, bloom and lens flares, some colour correction and not much else.
My suggestion would be to simply learn (normal) compositing then look at examples of what you want to archive and try to imitate the look.
It might be recommendable to not just use Blenders compositor, but look at other compositors to have more options.
Natron is open source. Fusion is included in DaVinci Resolve and its free of charge.
Sounds daunting, but its no rocket science, once you learned the principles of node based compositing you pretty much can use this knowledge in every tool.
If you want to do animation I would recommend Resolve anyway for its superior editing, colour tools and it also has a full audio suite integrated.

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