Does anyone use a Mac for BGE development?

It’s been a while since I used the BGE and since then I got a nice spec MacBook Pro. When working in the viewport things seem to look fine but as soon as I enter the BGE my materials seem to loose the lighting information(goes darker and shadows , normal maps etc. goes a little wonky. This works fine on my windows machine. If I only have the default cube in my scene everything works fine…adding additional meshes or modifying a mesh seems to mess things up… Definary seems buggy. Anyone else notice these behaviors on a Mac?

Do you have a test scene.

I’m on a mac mini seems all fine.

I forgot to mention Im on Yosemite 10.10.2…updating to newer version of OS as im typing this.
Did more testing and it’s the Normal Map causing this issue. When I remove it things look fine again. Very strange…looks perfect on screen with normal map until I run it in BGE. Also tested it with some of the assets from the Easy Game plugin from MPan. They have the same issue…but goes away as soon as I remove the normal map. Seems BGE is reading the Normal map wrong? Any ideas or suggestions?

@iamthwee thanks for the feedback. I will try and post an example file later.