Does Bblender 2.65 support Cubix GPU Expander?

Im looking for some more rendering power with my HP 820. Does blender 2.65 support Cubix GPU Expander? 2 or 3 GTX 570s would add the boost I want.

Its just adding more PCI express slots, so dont see why it wouldn’t - since cycles can make use of multiple GPU’s already.

The Cubix Expander was once “endorsed” by Octane.
They discontinued to recommend it and their, whatever it was they had, because the Expander was crap.
People only had problems with it.

Better get PCIe extension cables and do some DIY frame to mount the cards.

I am more editor / motion graphics artist then DIY guy. Using Cycles primarily with Blender. What made the Xpander crap that a frame and cables are a better choice.? Any specific recommendations? This is for use in a video production facility so reliability is important.

Tom Daigon

There are a few octane user using the cubix expander without problems but it is very expensive compare to a new mainboard and a bigger power supply. For up to 4 GTX 580/590 >

Cheers, mib.

Thanks for the info.I just invested in a top of the line HP Z820. Im not interested in buying another computer, just something to hold a couple GPUs. Not interested in DIY projects.

You may want to check out options from Netstor. I’m successfully using a single NVIDIA card for Cycles in one of their low end external chassis.

Great suggestion, thanks!

For folks looking to add GPU boost to systems used with AE CS6 and 3D programs like Blender, the Netstor TurboBox (NA255A) seems like a good solution.Fast rendering with 3-GTX 570s

Will this work with an amd card installed?

I dont know. I only researched use with a PC and Nvidia cards since Adobe and Blender use CUDA.

Im pretty sure CUDA technology is only available on Nvidia cards.