Does Blender have a "BoxGizmo"?

I’m rewriting a Blender export script originally created (by someone else) for 3ds Max that makes use of a “BoxGizmo”:

It’s basically a bounding box with position, rotation, length, width, height, and seed.

Is there something analogous to it in Blender? Or do I need to make my own such widget?

Maybe you could use an Empty (like a null in other software) with the Cube display style? This will display as a wireframe box, basically your bounding box, and will reflect scale/rotation/transform, and you could add a custom property if you need to attach additional information to it.

Not sure if that would meet your needs or not.

There’s a QBlocker addon for 2.80 which allows you to interactively draw either a box/plane or circle/cylinder, pretty useful.

Thanks for the replies. I might be able to do something with the inherent bounding boxes within Blender, or at the very least just loop through my mesh faces and manually calculate what I need.