Does Blender have problems with height maps created in substance painter?

Hi everyone,
I’m texturing a project and i found a weird problem using the height maps created in substance painter.

If I connect the height map with the bump node
the height is not represented correctly as it was created in substance painter
But if i forget the height map and instead i export from substance the OpenGL Normal map everything work good as it should.

and below the classic basic node setup

i also noticed that in the Height map exported from substance the height is not even represented

Someone know something about this issue?
Thanks in advance to everyone!

Where a height map (or any map) is created is irrelevant.
You’ll need to post the node setup and rendering details for people to be able to assist you.

Thanks @init_pixel i edited the post and i added missing infos :wink:

Try decreasing the Distance and Strength on the Bump Node. Also change the colorspace on the image texture node from linear to Non-color. I don’t think the information is missing in the height map, I think it is negative. Click on the image and the values of the pixel will be displayed at the bottom of the image editor.